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photo: Chris Parker 

Raised in the Southwest and an Oregonian since 1982, I come from a family of artists from painters to potters. My Mexican-American heritage instilled in me an appreciation of bright colors and rich patterning that is the lens through which I view the world around me and indeed, Oregon's great natural beauty. I spend much of my time outdoors in the summer, and even though Oregon is often a green/gray palette, the colors of our Northwest fish are comparable to any Arizona sunset. My challenge has been to share that vision with you.

My smaller series, both in size and in number, are centered around the Mexican celebration of the "Day of the Dead", a humorous and annual interest of mine. Both series can be found on this website.

The 60" x 48" (5 x 4 feet) original oil paintings like the images you see on this site are priced at $2000 and can be crated and shipped for an additional fee.

photo: Douglas Russell 

photo: Douglas Russell 



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